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Auto parts being remanufactured
Remanufacturing manual work station
Example of a reusable component
Electornics testing material

Welcome to "Remanufacturing Knowledge and Practice"

This site belongs to the Brazilian-German Collaborative Research Initiative on Manufacturing Technology (BRAGECRIM) signed between two world-renowned universities, Technische Universität Berlin (Germany) and Universidade de Sao Paulo-USP (Brazil). 


Our goal is to give you information about what is remanufacturing, what are the barriers, the main laws related to it and practical examples of companies that already work with this approach, as well as guidelines to assist you in creating your own tailor-made remanufacturing business model. 


The information is organized as follows:


In the HOME section, in addition to this explanation, more information about the BRAGECRIM Initiative and the universities who led this project.


In the KNOWLEDGE DATABASE section you will find:


Finally, under GUIDELINES you will find the instructions to begin creating your remanufacturing business model.

The BRAGECRIM Initiative

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About us

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